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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cui Bono, who is going for the jugular?


The bearded animals have claimed responsibility for the Karachi bombing. This apprehension is ever present in today's clime. They have struck in Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, so they were bound to attack Karachi.

But what was different here is the violence, looting and burning of private property and shops that it instantly triggered. The chemical used was possibly white phosphorus.

Two things to note here.

1: The TTP has not in the past resorted to such tactics. They usually mobilise a few suicide bombers to cause maximum carnage.

2: The way this spread in the Karachi markets indicated pre-planning.

Cui Bono? Who benefits from this?


The Pir Sahib of SC might take suo moto action to investigate who was behind the extended violence aimed at Pakistan's commercial jugular. Presently he is busy with employees fired in 1990.

Pir Sahib of Raiwind Shareef has his head in the sands as usual, when he is reported as saying that all the constitutional amendments passed by the dictator should be annulled. My beef? dictator should be dictators. And that would include his guru Gen Zi(n)a.

Irfan Hussain need not worry about Spanish 'probes'...they have body scanners now.


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