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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Taking Zardari to the Cleaners, Legal eye; Part II, How can the world expect Pakistan to do more than what it is already doing? Who is tricking whom A

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Taking Zardari to the Cleaners - The time has now come for him to show whether or not he can be a leader for democracy. Or at least show a sign; some sign; any sign. He has to show some proactive decision making prowess other than sporadic acts of frustration or anger – a dismissed secretary here, a reappointed chairman there – every once in a while. His calls have been more reactive; attempts to show that he is independent rather than signs of a bigger vision.

Legal eye; Part II - The real concern behind criticism of the Supreme Court's mention of Articles 62(f) and 225 is not that the court transcended its constitutional authority to decide what it did. But that it might make relevant once again operative provisions of the Constitution introduced by Ziaul Haq that have not been allowed to inflict much harm on our constitutional jurisprudence due to progressive judicial interpretations. Unfortunately this fear will continue to lurk so long as we continue to retain and tolerate Zia's toxic concoctions within our fundamental law. And the progressive elements within Pakistan who believe that morality and religion doesn't mix well with interpretation of law will remain at the mercy of the composition and outlook of our superior judiciary. Articles 2A, 62(d),(e),(f),(g),(h) and many others do not belong in the Constitution and are not amenable to judicially enforceable standards.

Babar Sattar analysis has to be read in conjunction with I A Rehman`s posted earlier --t

How can the world expect Pakistan to do more than what it is already doing? - - Total Pakistani fatalities in terrorist violence from 2003 to 2009 now stand at 24,624 -- compare that with 1,477 coalition deaths in the Operation Enduring Freedom. For the record, 43 countries have contributed troops to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) but Pakistan by itself has done more -- and sacrificed more -- than all those 43 countries combined. Clearly, counterinsurgency strategy (COIN) east of the Durand Line has been far more successful than COIN undertaken west of Durand.

Lucky Ghazi and three strong women

Who is tricking whom Ansar Abbasi? -- The shrewd Punjab bureaucracy has tricked the otherwise smart Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif into offering average “redundant” state lands for sale but cleverly saving the sprawling residences of provincial secretaries, top bureaucrats, commissioners, DCOs, regional and district police officers, and other district officers.

Ansar, Shahbaz is no spring chicken, and you have already labelled the Punjab bureacracy as with this story who is pulling wool over the reader?


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