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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Farhat Taj, Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur, Masooda Bano, Zafar Hilaly, Unwarranted activism? Legal eye(Part I), Read this two excerpts from the News and smi

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analysis: Tormenting of the tribes �Farhat Taj - The two key words missing in this rebuttal is politcal agent. The government largesse was channeled to the locals through the political agent to the local chieftain. Collective punishment was customary. [The various taliban groups assassinated or eliminated these elders, but that is another story].

analysis: Forced or volitional? �Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur - Reiteration of Musharraf and Rehman Malik�s theory of volitional disappearances by one who as a tribal chief and chief of Sarawan is under moral obligation to protect the rights of any Baloch who has been wronged is beyond comprehension. Aslam Raisani�s statement has added insult to a grievous injury. He has forfeited his moral right to represent the Baloch people either as a chief or a chief minister.

Masooda Bano - The state of education and health sectors remains deplorable. The government has not even announced major reforms plans for these sectors, forget about the actual implementation process. The employment problems, inflation, inaccessibility of basic food items, etc., are making the people critical of the government whether or not the media spins anti-government stories...If PPP�s leadership responded to criticisim by implementing a real programme of development, it would have to worry much less about what journalists are saying about it.

Zafar Hilaly - He has dared the Supreme Court to remove him and in the process warned off the army and Nawaz Sharif. Neither, it seems, feels it politic to take him on, at least for now; of course, it helps that neither of the other two contenders for power get on...How, then, did Mr Zardari � an ethnic Baloch, a lacklustre speaker with as much charisma as a pregnant llama and who, but for the fact that he was Benazir Bhutto�s husband would not have stood out more than the proverbial pimple on the hindquarters of an elephant � prevail in Sindhi affections?

Unwarranted activism? Legal eye(Part I)

SC gets certified lists of top bureaucrats

Read this two excerpts from the News and smile:

1: With the only exception of President Asif Ali Zardari, every mighty beneficiary of the now defunct National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) including Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Minister of State Tariq Anis, Ambassador Husain Haqqani, PPP Secretary General Jehangir Badr, Salman Faruqui and Intelligence Bureau Director Riaz Sheikh has been formally put on the Exit Control List (ECL) by the Interior Ministry, shows a notification, a copy of which is available with The News.
2: KARACHI: President Asif Ali Zardari left for Dubai on Friday morning but surprisingly also took Interior Minister Rehman Malik with him, who, until recently, was said to be on the ECL. It is not yet officially known if his name has been removed from the list.

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