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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Who does Hussain Haqqani work for?

The ambassadorial appointments are made by the FO. The person under whom the FO operates is the Foreign Minister, who reports to the PM, who in turn reports to the President. Now read this quotey and read into this reply by Hussain Haqqani.
"I serve at the pleasure of the president and prime minister of Pakistan
and will follow any instructions I've been given," Haqqani said

When has Pakistan not acted in accordance with her own wishes? Pakistan befriended China (1960) even though America had branded China as an international leper; Pakistan went to war with India twice (1965 and 1971) without caring what America might think, feel or do; Kissinger's threat (1975) that America would make a "horrible example" of Pakistan was brushed off as just so much hot air as Pakistan proceeded apace with her nuclear weapon programme; Pakistan exploded a nuclear device (1998) despite the repeated entreaties of an American President; Pakistan's nuclear scientists stole (and sadly sold) nuclear secrets notwithstanding American strictures to the contrary; even Musharraf, the supine Commando, took the money offered by Bush (2001-2008) thumbed his nose at the US and did with it what he wished; he even thought nothing of starting a war with India (1999) by capturing their defences in Kargil; earlier Pakistan said no to America's request to despatch forces to Vietnam (1970) and subsequently Iraq (2003). Zafar Hilaly

In conclusion, it should be emphasised that the US and Western ability to isolate and eliminate Al Qaeda and violent extremism in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Arab and Muslim countries will depend critically, not so much on military strength and counter-insurgency strategy, as on the demonstration of the political will and capability to secure just solutions to the conflicts and problems in the Islamic world: the Palestine question, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Iraq.It is this concrete commitment to justice and genuine economic cooperation in the interest of the poor and deprived in the Muslim world that will succeed in turning the tide against extremism and militancy. Maleeha Lodhi

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Anonymous Farhad Ahmed Jarral said...

Indian spends over 100's of Million $ annually on lobbying forms get favorable policies in USA. With such huge money and influence of American Indian's in USA, India greatly influences US policies towards South Asia. Present KL Aid Bill for Pakistan was strongly opposed by Indian lobby. As $ 7.5 Billion aid package would help Pakistan to develop civilian infrastructure without cutting the defense budget.

Pakistani Ambassador Hussain Haqani who is very well connected in US decision makers successfully defeated all these efforts of Indian lobby. Even with very little resources which Pakistan spends on lobbying in Washington, Haqani get the aid Bill passed from congress. The controversial clauses like access to AQ Khan and Bulachistan were removed with his personal efforts.

Now USA congress has further clarified the conditions for military aid, although there was no condition for civilian aid earlier. This will make Haqani more stronger who is already believed to be one of the most powerful diplomats in Washington. At these difficult times not only government but Pakistan army also thinks that there can be no better alternate of Haqani to defend Pakistani policies in US and have such important contacts in policy makers.

The rumors being spread are from right wing extremists lobby, as, Haqani has been strong supporter of a secular and moderate Pakistan. His book is one of the important books on exposing how USA and Pakistan developed this monster called Taliban. This is unforgivable sin in eyes of right wing Taliban apologists. In fact Haqani has strengthened his position in eyes of Army and government and proved himself a powerful diplomat. Neither Army nor government afford his removal in these difficult times for Pakistan.. PAKISTAN PAYENDABAD!!

October 15, 2009 8:26 PM  

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