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Monday, January 05, 2009

Paris opens door to author fleeing Islamist threats

The award-winning feminist writer Taslima Nasreen, who is under death-threat from Islamist extremists, is to be housed in an artist's studio paid for by the city of Paris, more than a decade after she was forced into exile from her native Bangladesh.

Nasreen's outspoken stance on what she calls the inherent misogyny of conservative Muslim society in Bangladesh has sparked protests, riots and warrants for her arrest as well as a cash reward for her decapitation by religious fundamentalists.

In 1994, the former doctor was accused of blasphemy over her novel Lajja (Shame), which described the life of a Hindu family persecuted in Muslim-majority Bangladesh. The book was banned for offending Muslim religious sentiments.

She was quoted by an Indian newspaper saying the Qur'an should be rewritten because it was "unfair to women" and was forced to flee Bangladesh, even though she denied the comments and said she had been referring to sharia law.

After travelling across Europe and the US, and living in exile in India, where her presence led to threats and violent protests, and more recently in Sweden, she applied for housing in Paris six weeks ago. She is expected to move in next month.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

one thing i want to let all of u clearly . not everything in a religion is open to b commented n religion doesnt allow anyone's innovations to try certain religious affairs according to their own genes . simple example is that when u r in school u have to follow the rules, in mathematics 2+2 is equal to 4 I know a trick by which u can prove that 2+2 can be 5 under the same mathematical rules but no one will accept YY ?? bcaz 4 is in the book n we have to follow that . so when the matter is 2+2 in religion u have to write 4 or u ll b wrong. u cannot do everything under the cover of "enlighted moderation" Allah has made us all n he knows what r over abilities n what r the capabilites of SHAITAN also so he doesnt want us to b rided by Iblees soo There r certain limitations of whatever ARTISTIC or INNOVATICE SKILLS sumone has..... same is the case with Nasreen n Rushdi

January 05, 2009 10:49 AM  

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