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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fasi Zaka: Dr Atta-ur-Rehman

Recently Dr Tariq Rehman wrote an eloquent defence of the HEC and the point that really struck home was his incredulousness at the opportune critics who seems to have jumped out of the woodwork after Musharraf went, not before when it would have been more courageous to voice dissent. Dr Tariq Rehman made reference to Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy who had been a regular and sometimes harsh opponent of the on-goings at the HEC. And I agree with Dr Tariq Rehman's assessment that the integrity of Dr Hoodbhoy in beyond question generally, and also because he critiqued at a time when the HEC was universally lauded. On a personal note, I always found Dr Hoodbhoy to be a useful counterbalance to the HEC at that time, and really appreciate his recent piece where he did not gloat at the current reassessment of Dr Ata-ur-Rehman.

Between the articles of Dr Tariq Rehman and Dr Hoodbhoy, I feel there is very little that is not covered. But, nonetheless this article serves to highlight one hidden assumption that seems to be held against Dr Ata-ur-Rehman which I do not believe to be true.


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