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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Maleeha Lodhi: As America votes Pakistanis cast a wary eye

The first ingredient for others to respect you is self respect. If we do not respect our self, it'd be an uphill task to expect others to respect us. In this context Maleeha Lodhi is preaching from La La Land:

For most Pakistanis however, the litmus test of the next American administration will be whether it is prepared to treat Pakistan with respect. In the final analysis this intangible may count for as much as finding the right mix of trade and aid that goes beyond advancing America's own interest. If there is a consensus in Pakistan about future dealings with the US, it is that the advent of a new Administration will offer a window of opportunity for Islamabad to recalibrate relations with Washington on the basis of national honour, respect and reciprocity. If the new American president could understand that, it would be a major step forward for such a critical relationship.


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