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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

PPP-Z coined by Anjum Niaz ... and more on PM's speech

To the best of my knowledge Anjum Niaz gets the credit for coining the obvious - PPP-Z to denote the chairman of the hand written will's (soon to be faction of the) PPP.

Commenting on puppet PM Gilani's maiden speech to the nation she writes:

And this brings me back to the "Saturday Night Live" that turned into a disaster because someone somewhere bungled up badly. Should the blame be shared between the minister of information, the press secretary and the PTV boss? If not, then probably the government is already scapegoating some lowly technician at PTV. LINK

Sorry Anjum dear, you're wrong on all three counts!

As I wrote to Fatima Tassaduq in a comment earlier today: "President Harry S Truman had a plaque on his oval office desk that said: The Buck Stops Here

While the PTV may share blame for not doing a test run of the speech, the major portion of the blame for the farcical speech should rest with PM Gilani."


Hasan Nisar in his Urdu Column Choraha has dissected the PM's maiden speech HERE.


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