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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blaming the past administration

The puppet PM delivered a belated and faltering speech in which he took the predictable route by "blaming last govt for crises".

In Bullet or ballot? Humayun Gauhar writes:

The excuses being proffered for the government’s paralysis are nonsensical. “Everything will be fine if Musharraf goes.” Will inflation suddenly come down? Will there be an overnight end to terrorism, lawlessness and uncertainty? Will the steep decline in the economy be arrested? Will the State Bank’s reserves, heading towards zilch by end-September, start rising? Will America’s threats recede? “The People’s Party has become Musharraf’s party.” How did its leaders, touted as great democrats yesterday by today’s crybabies, sell out so easily to Musharraf if they truly are great democrats? Because their way of removing Musharraf by restoring the sacked judges will take longer than Nawaz’s quick-fix solution?

Sure 100 days aren’t enough. Did we foist this on them or did the prime minister’s desire to emulate all things American? Had pragmatism given way to populism? Why not emulate President Eisenhower and place the same sign on your desk prime minister �" “The buck stops here.” [Correction Mr. Gauhar: it was President Truman who had a plaque on his desk in the Oval Office that reminded him where the buck stops.]


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