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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Anjum Niaz - On Suicide Bombers

Anjum Niaz:

You have asked the most pertinent query:

Instead of attacking people like Rehman Malik for having failed to prevent suicide attacks, we should be attacking the root of the evil. No Pakistani analyst worth his salt has the guts to blame these people who run the camps that train and indoctrinate these youths. We all know who these outfits are but like the NWFP government prefer to zip up instead of being bumped off by these crazy people who have successfully infiltrated into our environs and have threatened death should they be exposed.

Allow me to ask another.

Rehman Malik announced the other day a capture of five or seven suicide bombers alive, alongwith 350 kgs of explosives from the Islamabad vicinity. To this total, two more were added from Punjab, subsequently and from the tribal belt. By a rough reckoning Rehman Malik has at least 9-12 "suicide bombers" captured alive, all body parts intact.

The media is lax and does not pursue with probing queries. They should relentlessly pursue and find out who these potential suicide bombers are, and which outfit they belong to.

Bring them on the public media, let them name their Lashkars or Jamaats. And then go after the leaders and outfits of those groups or jamaats, with grit and determination. How many innocent civilian lives need to be lost, how much property needs to be damaged, how much Pakistan's image in the world needs to suffer before these spineless talking heads are moved to action?

Dire times call for stern measures. If Rehman Malik does not expose them and their groups it means only one of two things.

One, he is covering up. Two, if he is not covering up then the "Agencies" are. Either way, the innocent civilians are doomed and the terrorists are laughing here and in their hell. Surely, these deluded suicide bombers are destined for hell, not heaven.


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