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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

US's Pakistan policy under fire - Jim Lobe

The government, which also includes the Awami National Party, a secular Pashtun party that displaced military-backed Islamist parties in the February elections in NWFP, has made clear it believes negotiations, significantly increased development aid and legislation designed to end FATA's colonial status and eventually integrate it with the rest of Pakistan offer the most effective strategy for turning the population there against al-Qaeda and indigenous extremists. US's Pakistan policy under fire By Jim Lobe

The reality is distinct from what is perceived above.

They do not want to integrate with the rest of Pakistan. They want to have their own obscurantist interpretation of IslamoCultural laws, as interpreted by them to be enforced in the region and later the same narrow interpretation of Shariah lawas to be implemented all over Pakistan.

Under the guise of culture and tradition they want to push the baby back in the womb.

At the height of their colonial Raj, the British tried and failed to bring them into the mainstream. What hope the fragile Pakistani successors have to make them see the light?

They cannot even enforce a uniform civil or criminal code over the whole territory of Pakistan. That is the dielmma.


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