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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baithak Desi Apr 29: Anjum Niaz, Asif Zardari, Shahid Masood, Nawaz, Musharraf, Taliban, Suddle, PSO, Hasan Nisar, BBC, Again?

Battle-tested Asif Zardari began by appointing men who had a controversial past, to say the least. But what has caused ripples in otherwise calm waters is the continuation of Attorney General Malik Qayyum. According to a senior Supreme Court attorney Akram Sheikh, who was once Nawaz Sharif's legal eagle in his second term, Qayyum is to go to Switzerland, Spain and London on taxpayer's expense to close Zardari and Rahman Malik's cases that probably Qayyum himself helped draft for National Accountability Bureau. "He is there for the benefit of just one man — Asif Ali Zardari." If this is not pulp fiction, pray what is? Anjum Niaz

Asif Ali Zardari has said that nation had not given the PPP mandate to restore judiciary but it entrusted the mandate for the provision of food, clothing and housing.

Shahid Masood interviews Asif Zardari
Nawaz also interviewed
Musharraf asks US for greater market access for Pak products
Govt-Taliban talks collapse
Mushahid moves Senate on The News story
Jis ki Laathi oos ki bhains - Suddle
Cash-strapped PSO may not pay dividends in June
Doing it right, or doing it now!
The woman of honour
Do Pakistanis read?
Hasan Nisar (in Urdu)
Mandate for roti, kapra aur makan: Zardari (transcript of BBC interview)
How many times have you heard this before?


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