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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Media Watch Desi Mar 25: PM Sworned in, Sattar's Amendment, Makhdoom Graceful, Nawaz Rattled,

The PM Elect has just taken the oath of office. Yesterday the major leaders spoke in the parliament. The judges haven't been restored yet. Prices of commodities have not been rolled back yet. Load shedding still rules in the dark. But it is unfair to expect all that to be dealt with so early. That is what the first 100 days are - to evaluate and measure the performance of the government.

The one thing that stands out from today is the help Farooq Sattar sought for MQM's 18th Amendment. Anybody remembers the old 15th Amendment? Thank Allah the Merciful that it lapsed or we would have a hair-transplanted Amir ul Momineen - if you get past such perfunctory trivialities like we are far far from being Momin in the first place. SO back to this trial baloon by Dr. Sattar.

ISLAMABAD: Farooq Sattar, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) parliamentary leader in the National Assembly, on Monday sought the support of newly elected Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani for the passage of 18th constitutional amendment. He said the MQM had drafted the 18th Amendment that not only catered to the issue of provincial autonomy, but also dealt with the much-debated 58(2b) clause of the Constitution. Sattar Seeks Gillani's Help to pass the 18th Amendment.

“I think that democracy has now been restored. In addition, some political parties in the ARD, such as the Awami National Party, are not ready to work with me so I have resigned as the ARD chairman. I have also decided that I will not accept any ministry or any other office in government,” Fahim told reporters at Parliament House. Mukhdoom Retreats to Regroup.

AFTER asking the following query the Daily Times answers with "WE hope not."

The PMLN leader Mr Nawaz Sharif has made it clear that he is not too pleased with the development: “We, as well as those Urdu-speaking people who are not part of the MQM, have reservations over the inclusion of the MQM in the coalition government because we know who was behind the May 12 Karachi carnage which left 48 people dead. We want the report of the May 12 carnage made public. If we do not make the report public and fail to expose the hands behind the incident, coming generations will never forgive us”. Will the old party position on the MQM, reiterated in the above statement, cause any damage to the coalition in general and the personal equation of Mr Asif Ali Zardari and Mr Sharif? [Somebody should point out to Mr. Sharif that he is in power now and not in the opposition and his coalition can release that Report. Also somebody should inform him that his crocodile tears on Mohajirs are duly noted. And one final thing, he is still driving forward while looking in the rear view mirror.]

Amidst such a charged atmosphere it was again the good old Mukhdoom Amin Fahim who stood up to his stature of a democrat to vociferously snub such an uncouth sloganeering, which also targeted PML-Q that so bravely assumed the role of the opposition in the House pretty well knowing that they were not contesting to win the PM slot. “Democracy sans discipline is nothing but bulls unbarred, not in consonance with the parliamentary demeanour,” Fahim observed on floor of the House requesting Speaker Fehmida Mirza to ensure order in the hall as the custodian of the Parliament. Briding the unbridled - Afzal Bajwa


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