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Monday, February 18, 2008

Pakistan Elections: Some Senators Never Learn

Some Senators never learn. And some spin so much they cannot live when not spinning. Senator Biden, in Pakistan to "monitor" elections has issued one more we will stop aid to Pakistan threat.

What he does not dare say openly is the money is not given to the Pakistanis but to the occupying mercenary army which the U.S. needs to fight its proxy wars.

The only way this aid will stop is not when Senator Biden wants, but it will end when and if the next U.S.President pulls out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

LAHORE (Reuters) - Asenior U.S. senator, in Pakistan to observe general elections, said on Sunday that Washington should cut military aid to Islamabad unless the polls are credible and broadly fair.

Pakistan votes for a new National Assembly and provincial assemblies on Monday in an election marred by violence and clouded by opposition accusations that results will be rigged to favor President Pervez Musharraf's allies.

"Obviously there is not going to be a pristine election," Senator Joseph Biden, a Democrat, told reporters. But the polls needed to produce a "credible" result that was broadly in line with the wishes of the Pakistani people, he said.


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