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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time to Pause and Think

Independent Judiciary

Let us think for a moment the worst nightmares come true for the Bhuttos, Sharifs, Khans, Ahsans and the Activists and miraculously an Independent Judiciary graces the SC building in Islamabad.

What happens next when the SC decides on:

---corruption and financial obfuscation against bhutto/zardari?
---ethnic cleansing (extra judicial killing) agains bhutto led peepeepee leadership
---eliminating rivals (ok getting them murdered) the younger sharifs
---loan defaults, money laundering, payola – papa sharif, son sharifs re: ittefaq foundry
---the private militias, jails, ‘justice’ dispensation by the waderas, zamindars, tribal jirgas
---the corruption within army brass – steel mills, NAB, procurement, kick back from qadir khan’s export club, siphoning off from American ‘aid’
---the ‘cantonment’ land grab by the military, parachuting military retirees into plum civilian jobs

I think you get an idea from above that if the SC really delivers on these there will be no group or party that will remain untarnished.


The outcome from the movement for an Independent Judiciary would not be acceptable to all the power groups in Pakistan. People – disenfranchised people do not count. Who really cares or gives two hoots? (This is not for the humour impaired.)

Like other issues not discussed here – Jobs, Housing, Civic Amenities, Free and Fair Elections - big haha – I can guarantee you this – should by a miracle the free and fair elections do take place all these politicians would out run each other in declaring them rigged and unfair.

The fall out is easy to predict. Protests will get out of hand. Army will have to be called. The new leader will give the right sound bites – we do tend to have short memories. Do we remember “free and impartial” elections in 90 days? And then Zina-ul Haq unleashed the Kalshnikov-Mullah culture from which we are still reeling!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

rofl... quite true.

December 25, 2007 5:46 PM  

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