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Monday, December 24, 2007

Top Ten Hottest Videos of 2007 - AlterNet Staff, AlterNet.

The most popular AlterNet videos of the year are an eclectic bunch. They feature plenty of animation and a rather animated Tim Robbins. There's shocking footage (US troops attacking Iraqi sheep with grenades) and probing insight (Noam Chomsky). What they all have in common is that they provoked a lot of laughter, anger or discussion this year.

1) Michael Moore Rips Wolf Blitzer on CNN: "Why Don't You Tell the American People the Truth"
Michael Moore slams Blitzer and CNN for their lies about universal health care and his film "Sicko."

2) The Cartoon Mitt Romney Doesn't Want You To See
This piece of propaganda may or may not be inaccurate, but it definitely would persuade or provoke a lot of people to be uncomfortable with Mitt Romney.

3) Colbert Says Impeach Bush Now
Or you're a bunch of wimps...

4) Tim Robbins: "If You F**k Things Up You Can No Longer Be An Expert"
Tim Robbins and Bill Maher clash with Cheney biographer Stephen Hayes about the rationale for the Iraq War.

5) Cartoon Marketing Ignites Bomb Scare
Pranksters give finger to the media...

6) Noam Chomsky Weighs In On 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
The legendary linguist and activist explains why he's highly skeptical about Bush Administration involvement in perpetrating 9/11.

7) Evangelist Chuck Missler Disproves Evolution With Jar Of Peanut Butter
Was that "smooth or crunchy"?

8) The Simpsons' Vicious Fox News Parody
FOX: "Your voice for evil"

9) US Troops Attack Iraqi Sheep with Grenades
Bored soldiers+flash grenades+occupied country=sick laughs

10) "Look": The First Major US Film Made Entirely With Surveillance Footage
What safeguards exist to make sure highlights of YOUR ass are not making it onto the most viewed list on YouTube?


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