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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Marked People By Harsh Mander

In today’s world, many things have been globalised. One of these is prejudice. In the name of the global war on terrorism, an entire community has been labelled and demonised. Terror attacks, whether in Washington, London or Madrid, are followed by paranoid surveillance, strip searches and prolonged detentions of large numbers of Muslim youth, often without even tenuous evidence or respect for their elementary human rights. The latest to join this global assault on democratic rights — in the wake of the three bomb blasts that hit Hyderabad this year — is the Congress government in Andhra Pradesh. The state Minorities Commission has reported the abduction and illegal detention and torture by the police of a large number of Muslim youth within days of the blasts on August 25, 2007. I have heard from several terrified families of many youth who “disappeared” for several days without legal trace, chilling testimonies similar to those made by youth incarcerated in Cheraiapally Jail before the fact-finding committee established by the Commission.

[This is from memory..Harsh Mander was a civil servant with a conscience who quit the service when he saw the targeted violence in gujrat by modi and his cohorts and wrote a moving article...since then he has found a second calling as a columnist with a conscience...and he heads ActionAid...or used to - khair- to read more click on the heading]


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