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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The United States and Pakistan: Navigating a Complex Relationship By Danielle Pletka

The lady in green and white is friends to high and mighty though am not sure if Danielle Pletka can be considered either/and or both. Ms. Pletka is the V-P of foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute one of the intellectual hotbeds of the Neoconzix.

The excerpts are from an article by BBZ's friend.

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Bhutto and Pletka - Washington DC-Feb. 2007

Pakistan is probably one of the most dangerous places in the world. It has teetered between quasi-democracy and autocracy for decades, is home to a significant stock of nuclear weapons, has gone to war three times with its nuclear armed neighbor, and has a small but committed minority of extremists bent on killing the Pakistani President and taking over the country.

The United States government is reluctant to dwell on Pakistan’s parlous state, but we do our friends in the Pakistani government no service with our reticence.
These are problems that need to be faced, and resolved. In addition to the political and security problems, socially, Pakistan is in dire straits. Until its most recent budget, Pakistan was one of only 12 nations that spend less than 2% of GNP on education. (she is on the ball here - compare this with Pakistan's Defense Allocation)

For as long as the United States continues to gloss over Pakistan’s failure to move quickly on reforms, and remains reluctant to confront the government for its willingness to protect AQ Khan, it is making a mistake. For as long as Pakistan fights international terrorists and allows domestic extremists to run free, neither state’s interests will be served. A moderate, Muslim success story in Pakistan is possible. But the necessary reforms will not take place without constant pressure and frank talk from the United States. (and with their "man" in Isloo - read "chairperson for life" for "man")

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