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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Khali Boray MaiN Zakhmi Billa - Saqi Farooqui

Jan Muhammed Khan
_________________safar aasaan nahiN
dhaan kay is khali boray maiN
_________________jaan ulajhti hay
putt-sun ki mazboot salakhaiN dil maiN gaRi haiN
_________________aur aakhON kay
_________________zard katOrON maiN
chand kay sikk'kay chunnh chunnh girtay haiN
aur badan maiN raat phailti jaati hay ...

aaj tumhari naNgi peeth per
_________________aag jalai kON
angaray dehkai kOn
jidd o jehad kay
_________________khooneeN phool khi'lai kON
meray shOlagur punjON maiN jaan nahiN
_________________aaj safar aasaaN nahiN
thoRi daire maiN yeh pug'dundi
too'th kay ik ganday talaab maiN gir ja'aye gi
maiN apnay taboot ki tanhai say lipat kar
so ja'ouN ga
paani paani ho ja'ouN ga
aur tumhaiN aagay jaana ...
_________________ik gehri neend maiN chaltay jana hay
aur tumhaiN oos nazar na aanay walay boray ...
_________________apnay khali boray ki pehchaan nahiN
Jan Muhammed Khan
_________________safar aasaan nahiN.


Blogger Vikram R K Nandwani said...

Great... Loved this one... Thanks

August 13, 2006 3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jan Muhammed Khan the journey is not easy in this empty gunny sack!

It suffocates and the firm strands of jute pierce my heart so.

Coins of moonlight jingle in the amber bowls of my eyes while night continues to spread through my body

Who will strike a fire on your naked back? Who will fan the embers? Who will flourish the bloody flowers of strife?

There is no more life left in my fiery claws.

Today the journey is not easy.

Soon this well trodden path will lead me to the bottom of a filthy pond and I shall fall asleep embracing my coffin of solitude becoming one with the water.

And you must trod on in a deep sleep for you are oblivous to that invisible sack. Your very own empty sack which engulfs you.

Jan Muhammed Khan, the journey is not easy

April 27, 2008 1:29 PM  

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