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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

be a wave

talk to the billows, i do
listen to the waves, i do
fascinating is their shoar*
defying the shores
since measuring time began
the grains beneath my bare feet
of different hues and texture
from the volcanic pebbles
of soufriere and marea del portillo
to the pink sands of marsh harbour
and jana if they had tongues
theyíd volunteer
nationalities and religions..
their relentless obsessive belief
the fervent rightness
as fascinating and confrontational
as the deafness of the saahil**

the beach in its wisdom declines the entreating
caresses of the ocean
sometimes i wonder if the roar and the silence
could be fervent pleas, debates, or tactics
between destined lovers - endless, continuous...
from the origin of light to the dark after the flash?

brimming of passion and optimism
the waves from the offing
encounter delirious coast struck waves
climbing over and beneath them
embracing land - withering again and again
retreating, regrouping, returning
ageless loversí eternal quarrels

*shoar ñ loud noise in urdu
**saahil - coast


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