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Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Argumentative Dog

t: How are we today, Nawwab?
N: We?
t: Yes, we.
N: We aren't 'we'...we are different.
t: We aren't.
N: Yes we are.
t: Kaisay?
N: I can call a dog a dog.
t: I can also call a dog a dog.
N: I can call a bitch a bitch.
t: Shall I take you for a walk?
N: We do not subscribe to insaniyat but you do to haivaniyat.
t: You are reinforcing our common heritage. Inside every man there is an animal.
N: Animals do not kill indiscriminately.
t: True.
N: We have no use for after life
t: True.
N: We do not believe in God or go on killing in her name.
t: True.
N: I believe in dog made stuff.
t: Ouch! People of the Book will be alienated.
N: Religions and faiths are dogmatic.
t: Now that is some observation, Nawwab.


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