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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

parvana chand - lover moon


ish'q bhee tu, aashiq bhee tu
pyar bhee tu, pari bhee tu
mehfil bhee tu, mehv e shauq bhee tu
kyun na aaj dastaan tri
bayaaN kardooN maiN
insouciant, imperial
with its craters and clouds
predestined, unbothered
by our perceptions

the ebb and flow
of tides and times
rising, waning
a nail clip, half or full
glanced from the cockpit
deflected on dew drops
silhouetting lovers' embrace
cascading through the branches
of thousand year baobabin selebi-phikwe
splashing its magic
over the mournful taj
the serene chanda
ever whirling
two lovers
hypnotized in separation
morbid, magical, mysterious
timeless love
of parvana moon



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