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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Obama's Misguided Speech, Jane Doodall on Chimpanzees,

Bill Moyers & Jane Goodall: What Chimps Reveal About Human Brutality, Violence, Compassion and Hope - A fascinating and wide-ranging discussion with Jane Goodall on what chimps tell us about human beings and what we must do to save these animals from extinction.

Obama�s Afghanistan Mis-Speech - If President Obama is the Muhammad Ali of political oratory, then his much-anticipated Afghan strategy speech was, at least to his admirers (even those from faraway places like Islamabad) as bitter as Ali�s 1971 loss to Joe Frazier at Madison Square Garden. It was his first grand failure. In the past, Obama�s oratory skills have helped him do the things he was looking to get done (Reverend Wright, Election Night, healthcare). His effectiveness is borne of the clarity he creates and the trust he engenders.

Pro-Israel blogger breaks with right wing - Longtime pro-Israel blogger Charles Johnson of the popular Little Green Footballs site has "parted ways with the Right" and writes that he can be called an independent. In a post on his blog earlier this week, Johnson, a critic of radical Islam, wrote that among his reasons was "anti-Islamic bigotry that goes far beyond simply criticizing radical Islam, into support for fascism, violence, and genocide." Other problems with the right, he said, was "support for anti-science bad craziness" and "hatred for President Obama that goes far beyond simply criticizing his policies, into racism, hate speech, and bizarre conspiracy theories (see: witch doctor pictures, tea parties, Birthers, Michelle Malkin, Fox News, World Net Daily, Newsmax, and every other right wing source)."

Obama's Misguided War Speech Shouldn't Be the Last Word on Afghanistan - By John Nichols, The Nation -Presidents are not supposed to begin and end the discussion about war. With both parties divided over Afghanistan, it's time for Congress to debate the Obama's war plan.


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