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Monday, December 14, 2009

Does anyone remember? With a New Phone, Google May Challenge Apple, Maureen, Tom, Shah Khan,

Maxim Cartoon

Can anyone recall if Qazi Saheb ever came forth this declaration before?

NOWSHERA: Former Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Qazi Hussain Ahmed on Sunday called suicide bombings “un-Islamic”, saying that US drone strikes were an assault on the country’s sovereignty and “cannot be tolerated anymore”. Addressing a conference, he said Islam did not allow killing of “Muslim brothers” by launching suicide attacks and bomb blasts on ordinary citizens. “Suicide attacks are not allowed in Islam and our religion does not allow the killing of innocent people. “The murder of a Muslim is in fact the killing of all humanity,” he said

With a New Phone, Google May Challenge Apple Two titans of the tech world, Google and Apple, may soon be engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Or, more precisely, handset-to-handset combat.

Maureen Dowd began with, "Puppets are not what they used to be." and then wrote:

Gates and Obama may have wanted to “light a fire,” as Gates put it, under the corrupt Afghan president and warn that the A.T.M. is closing, but Karzai called
their bluff. He knows, as do the leaders in Iraq and Pakistan, that America is stuck bailing them out with billions every year, even when they dawdle, disappoint and deceive.

Thomas Friedman: In case you haven’t noticed, the U.S. economy today is actually being hit by two tsunamis at once: The Great Recession and the Great Inflection. The “good news” is that the Great Recession is forcing companies to take advantage of the Great Inflection faster than ever, making them more innovative. The bad news is that credit markets and bank lending are still constricted, so many companies can’t fully exploit their productivity gains and spin off the new jobs we desperately need.

Shah Alam Khan It won’t be long before the American dream dies for millions of Indian students who wanted to go the same path as Vikram Buddhi; but for the common American the nightmare has only begun. Freedom of expression, freedom of speech and freedom of identity are at stake. Once all Indians, all Chinese, all Arabs, all Blacks, all Browns and all Natives are swallowed by the legal American anaconda, it will come for their blood.

Economist Paul Samuelson passes away

Andhra split opens up a Pandora's box If Delhi had been as worried over the climate change in Hyderabad as it was over climate change in Copenhagen, it would have foreseen the tsunami. But Union Home Minister P Chidambaram did not whisper the word 'Telangana' until he was compelled to talk of nothing else. The speed with which the government slipped from stonewall to capitulation was bound to trigger anger in those who felt they had lost out. The government had five years to manage reconciliation; it did nothing. The Congress made a deal with K Chandrashekhar Rao in 2004 in order to defeat Chandrababu Naidu, and forgot the boatman once it had crossed the river. Complacency is a criminal offence in public life. The verdict may be delayed, but will not be denied.


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