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Monday, November 09, 2009

Part 3: The Path of Reason - Namit Arora, That Sara Aziz! By Maniza Naqvi

Part 3: The Path of Reason By Namit Arora

Part 1: The Rise of Islam
Part 2: The Golden Age of Islam

(This five-part series on early Islamic history begins with the rise of Islam, shifts to its golden age, examines two key currents of early Islamic thought—rationalism and Sufi mysticism—and concludes with an epilogue. It builds on precursor essays I wrote at Stanford’s Green Library during a summer sabbatical years ago, and on subsequent travels in Islamic lands of the Middle East and beyond.)


That Sara Aziz! y Maniza Naqvi - I wrote this play in 1999. It was published in an anthology in 2005 and as a chapter in my novel A Matter of Detail in 2008.


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