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Friday, October 23, 2009

song of rapture

say something nice
bury me
(in your bosom not six under)
say something nice today
i did not run a pol into pot
i did not frown
at a cartoonist out of his depth
or his evil twin across oceans
i did not curse dick, bill or mama
the one in DC
not the one hurled in desi epithets

pull me closer in your embrace
i did not frown at frocks
worn by those ordained
or yelled His Greatness
after sermons by pseudo mullahs
did not grin at the lovers
who had dropped the condom
in the dark, oh yes i did not
join them in their search
i pretended to overlook
the cheating by the child
who was joyous in victory and
i ignored her mother's overtures
to the neighbour's husband

today i did no wrong
say something nice
bury me...
tomorrow is another day and
i promise to be myself


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