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Monday, October 26, 2009

Noor Javed, Trudeau, Delhi

'People think you're oppressed' if you wear the niqab - Noor Javed - In a society where women have all the freedoms in the world, why are some local women choosing to wear the niqab? But Al Azhar's Tantawi's comments especially strengthened the stance of progressive Muslim groups who say the niqab is a cultural practice and a symbol of more conservative Islam. But in Canada, the debate is not merely about religion. At its core it is about the fight to protect two fundamental Canadian values: gender equality and freedom of religion. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms espouses both equality rights and fundamental freedoms, which include the right to practice one's religion as one sees fit.

Trudeau's many women influenced his politics: Biographer - Former prime minister Pierre Trudeau's public life was influenced by the many women in his private life, a new biography suggests.

Wells: In Delhi, nothing goes to waste - There's new life for old junk in India as men in narrow stalls deftly peddle used doors, carpets, furniture


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