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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Nobel First, Food, Gaza War Crimes, Obama, Republicans =Talibans, Mystery Google, Bill Moyers, Depression Statistics

Nobel Prize in Economics Goes to A Woman for the First Time - By Melissa McEwan - Elinor Ostrom, a political science professor at Indiana University, shared the award with Oliver Williamson, who teaches at the University of California, Berkeley.

50 Ways To Never Waste Food Again -By The Huffington Post News Editors - With a little creativity, and an eye toward vanquishing waste in our lives, we can make use of more of our food before it goes to waste.More on Green Living

Step Aside McDonald's, Why Subway Has the Most Fast Food Stores in the Country - By Scott Thill - What Subway's focus on being a healthy alternative to greasy junk foods says about the future of the lucrative fast-food industry.

Gaza War Crimes Debate To Reopen At UN Security Council - By The Huffington Post News Editors - GENEVA — The U.N. Human Rights Council will reopen the debate about alleged war crimes in Gaza later this week after Palestinians succeeded in gathering enough support to call a special meeting, officials said Tuesday. The debate will start Thursday, a day after the U.N. Security Council in New York discusses the Goldstone report, which accuses Israeli forces and Palestinian militants of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity during their Dec. 27-Jan. 18 war.

Obama, If You Get Afghanistan Wrong, It Could Derail Your Presidency -- Here's How to Get It Right - By William R. Polk -The U.S. can't defeat the Taliban by employing overwhelming military power.

The Republicans And The Taliban: More Alike Than Rush Will Admit - By Mary Shaw Rush Limbaughs words led me to realize that the Republican Party of today has more in common with the Taliban than just a belief that Obama doesnt deserve the Nobel Prize. In fact, the two groups share more views than Limbaugh would probably want to admit

Mystery Google: Surprise Yourself With Someone Else's Search Results - By The Huffington Post News Editors - Mystery Google is a bit spooky, a bit social, and all in all a strange search engine full of surprises. What does it do? Type in a search term on Mystery Google, and you get back "what the people before you searched for."

Bill Moyers: Was the Financial Bailout Just a Slick, Friendly Takeover of the Federal Government? - by Bill Moyers -Moyers interviews Rep. Marcy Kaptur, a hero of Michael Moore's latest documentary, and former IMF head Simon Johnson on Wall Street's purchase of our democracy.

The Statistics Of The Great Recession -By The Huffington Post News Editors - NEW YORK — A year ago this weekend, the Dow Jones industrial average had just finished a slow-motion crash. Over eight days, it fell 2,400 points, or 22 percent, and stood at 8,451. One year later, the Dow is at 9,865. It's up 51 percent from a 12-year low of 6,547 on March 9 – when some investors feared the financial world was coming to an end. But the complete story of the Dow's journey since the economy soured goes back a little further.

Democrats Ignore Shocking Findings of Atrocities in Gaza War By Stephen Zunes - Recently, the White House called an extensive, 575-page report documenting Israeli and Palestinian crimes "deeply flawed." Has American denial reached a critical mass?


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