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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nawwab and I: Thanksgiving 2009

t: Your thoughts on Thanksgiving?
N: Every day I wake up and find myself alive I give thanks.
t: That means Thanksgiving is no special deal?
N: Haj, Basant, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Dhanyavad divas...
t: OK so we find an occasion to celebrate and express thanks...
N: "I did it my way."
t: Frank? Yes, we all express thanks individually.
N: So you decided to do it collectively
t: Well that is the collective spirit.
N: But your soldiers are killing civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.
t: It is impossible at times to talk with you N.
N: Yes, I understand that logic has a silencing effect.
t: Will you get off your high I mean pedestal?
N: Thanksgiving came early for Obama.
t: When he won the elections?
N: That was last year.
t: The Prize?
N: He should have stood above the fray and refused it.
t: Did you email him?
N: You were hogging the PC.
t: His loss.
N: Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
t: You are doing neither
N: Neither did Abbamama.
t: Why do you call him Abbamama?
N: Didn't I hear you quote someone calling Uncle Sam Maibaap?
t: What does that have anything to do with gays and lesbians?
N: Leave them alone or Golden Boy would write another post.
t: You can be so annoying Nawwab.
N: Woof woof.
t: I prefer your bark to your pronouncements.
N: You are bored or you would not converse with me.
t: (Sheesh, these talking mind reading dogs.)
N: Right, except for the sheesh.
t: Achcha, change of subject.
N: Woof, woof.
t: How do you deal with these blood thirsty Talibans?
N: Take me out.
t: Shall I fetch the poop bag?
N: No, I just want to touch the pole.
t: hmmmmmmm
N: Listen to them. Treat them as jilted lovers.
t: Sometimes you are too bright for me Nawwab.
N: You will learn, soon.
t: Thanks for thy bounty O Lord.
N: I will thank Thee too after I...
t: OK, let us go outside.


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