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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Nobel, More Kerry, Dollar Dilemma,

The Nobel Peace Prize Isn't About Peace: It's a Way for Westerners to Pat Ourselves on the Back and Change Nothing By Matt Taibbi - We ebb toward war until we run out of bullets. Then we ebb the other way, and give ourselves an award for doing so.

Kerry-Lugar bill a Catch-22 for Pakistan - Conditions attached in the United States Congress to the Kerry-Lugar bill - which grants Pakistan US$1.5 billion annually over the next five years - have rubbed some in Islamabad the wrong way. Leading voices berate the bill as turning Pakistan into an American neo-colony. The dilemma is whether to align with the US to combat militancy, or take a principled stand in support of a weak democracy. - Zahid U Kramet

CREDIT BUBBLE BULLETIN : Dollar dilemma - Continued weakness in the US dollar is being met by calls for Washington to implement a true strong-dollar policy, such as by increasing interest rates or trimming the country's federal deficit. Yet, such restraint is just not going to happen. Rather, central banks will be pressured to buy a lot more dollars. Doug Noland looks at the previous week's events each Monday.


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