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Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Library to Last Forever, Pail Krugman, Gaza, Pakistan,

I hope such destruction never happens again, but history would suggest otherwise. More important, even if our cultural heritage stays intact in the world’s foremost libraries, it is effectively lost if no one can access it easily. Many companies, libraries and organizations will play a role in saving and making available the works of the 20th century. Together, authors, publishers and Google are taking just one step toward this goal, but it’s an important step. Let’s not miss this opportunity. A Library to Last Forever

First it was the ugly American and now the uneducated American:) Paul Krugman: "Beyond that, we need to wake up and realize that one of the keys to our nation’s historic success is now a wasting asset. Education made America great; neglect of education can reverse the process."

Gaza report seals Abbas' political fate
The United Nations report on the 2008-2009 Gaza War wasn't well received by the United States or Israel, which call it one-sided. What was more unexpected was an about-face by President Mahmud Abbas' Palestinian National Authority to see deferral of a UN debate on the findings. The news has ripped through the Arab world, destroying any remaining credibility he had. - Sami Moubayed

Pakistan warns India to 'back off'
New Delhi has the capacity to play a decisive role in crushing the Taliban insurgency, which is what makes the Pakistani military establishment extremely anxious in the developing political scenario on the Afghan chessboard. When the Taliban struck the Indian embassy in Kabul on Thursday, killing 17 people, the timing may have been coincidence, maybe not. -


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