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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Anjum Niaz, Babar Sattar, Zofeen Ebrahim, Mohammad Mullick, Sami Abraham

Anjum Niaz, your faux innocence and naivety is endearing and amusing simultaneously. Very tongue in cheek! ~~t

So what has happened between last week and this week for the tables to be
turned? Perhaps our ambassador in Washington should be asked. Surely Husain
Haqqani knew of the 'insulting clauses' in Kerry-Lugar Bill and the mischief they create.

Babar Sattar has raised good points here while bashing the Army's public stance re: the TEPPA, the KL Bill. Bu I disagre with his premise: The civil society, the media and the people of Pakistan are capable of holding their representatives accountable. We are done with self-proclaimed saviours. If that were so, we would not be in the mess we find ourselves in today. Hence his whole argument chastising the khakistocracy collapses ~~~t

Where do our khaki saviours derive the moral authority to lecture anyone over a cheap deal with the Americans when they themselves surrendered the entire house
for free over a midnight phone call? Whence do corps commanders assume the legal
authority to reprimand a civilian government over its conduct of foreign or economic policy? Is the concept of civilian control of the military not mandated under our Constitution? Do we not continue to criticize US administrations for lionizing successive military dictators at the expense of our democracy? Is it then not welcome that for the first time in history the US legislature is legally binding its executive branch to deal directly with the lawful civilian government of Pakistan? General Kayani and his fellow officers have a right to disagree with the choices being made by the PPP government. But they can either counsel the government in private, or exercise their rights in public as ordinary citizens once they retire or resign. The civil society, the media and the people of Pakistan are capable of holding their representatives accountable. We are done with self-proclaimed saviours.

PAKISTAN: Repeal of Blasphemy Laws Still a Pipe Dream - By Zofeen Ebrahim
KARACHI, Oct 6 (IPS) - It is a never-ending saga.

The internationally-acclaimed musical Mamma Mia received a standing ovation at the Red Carpet Night, which was attended by showbiz celebrities, media and socialites.Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus popular and famous musical MAMMA MIA! has been produced by Made for Stage Production and directed by Nida Butt. The musical is being staged in Karachi at the Karachi Arts Council and will run from October 10 to 24. Standing ovation for Mamma Mia

and this with a wow:

Nobody can disagree with Javed Hashmi’s lambasting the corps commanders for having the audacity to publicly try browbeating the civilian government on a policy matter. “There are institutional forums for conveying any such legitimate concerns,” he almost yelled and added, “We did not spend years in jails in our quest for democratic rule to be told what to do today by a bunch of generals, or America.” He went on to thunder that unless the Presidency, GHQ and Washington are replaced by Parliament as the citadel of democracy and people’s power, the country will not take off in the desired direction. On dot Mr Hashmi. But having said that, where does the line between theory and academic correctness get smudged by the ugly truth of real politick in Pakistan? Why do the Shahbaz Sharifs of the world still feel compelled to hold secret meetings with the COAS in the midst of an ongoing political drama, fully aware of the inherent perception related complications? Mohammed Mullick

And this from Sami Abraham looks like a PR handout on Hussain Haqqani. Any betters?


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