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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Headlines & Comments,

Tension in Lyari after several killed by gangsters
* Aur kiya chain-sukh hoga?


Defence Market, Phase I week ending October 12
Name Prices Vegetables
Potato Rs20/Kg
Tomato Rs40/Kg
Onion Rs25/Kg
Cucumber Rs60/Kg
Cabbage Rs20/Kg
Cauliflower Rs40/Kg
Peas Rs160/Kg
Carrot Rs40/kg
Spinach Rs30/Kg ...

* eemandarri, bhaichara, khuloos, muhabbat not available
rishwat, mehangai, bay-eemani maar-dhaaR --in abundance

US tilt shifts from Army to people in Pakistan
* aagay aagaydekhiyay hota hay kya

Terrorists supplied arms from Afghanistan: Malik
* For Rehman it is always Afghanistan for Hamid Gul it is India

PML-N leaders praise Army
* If they had been doing it right in the first place...

Two more cases of land fraud detected in Sindh
* .. complete headline should have added "by this writer."

Terrorists would be hunted in every nook and corner: Kaira
* and brought to justice etc. etc.

Sacking of two top men delayed after GHQ attack - Hamid Mir
* self confessed journalist - titillating - 9 paragraphs - only two related

Chinese auditor general calls on President Zardari
* to teach former Mr. 10% new tricks?


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