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Sunday, October 11, 2009

3 Questions About Cell Phone Radiation, What to do with an old computer, Kindle, Bird's eye view, Tel Aviv - US, Gaza, Abbas's suicide, rebounding tal

You decide: what should you do with that old computer? By Charles Arthur on Technology
You've got an old machine. Now decide its final destination. Hooray! You've drummed up the money to buy a new computer, and transferred all your files safely over to it. Done and dusted. The new machine is a delight - so much faster and quieter and smaller. But now you've got an old computer. And it really is very old. What should you do with it? Give it to a charity such as Computeraid, for the developing world? Give it to your local school or parish council? Keep it in the house for tasks you haven't yet thought of (nobody in the family wants it, as it's too old)? Give it away to anyone who answers an advert? What do you do?

3 Questions About Cell Phone Radiation
What is radiation, anyway? Is cell phone radiation dangerous? Are cell phones safe for children?

Using the international Amazon Kindle could rack up fees - Cost of downloading a book for the international Kindle will be about 13 times higher than Amazon charges in US - Not only does the new international Kindle cost more than its US counterpart, owners who want to take advantage of the wireless connectivity will be paying more for it. In addition to the $2 per-book fee for non-US downloads, paidContent has learned from Amazon that it will cost users $5 a week to access their newspaper, magazine and blog subscriptions via Whispernet. (Whispernet is the name of Amazon's wireless network, no matter which carrier delivers the service.) Also, as I explain below, the cost of downloading a book though the AT&T-managed international Whispernet will run roughly 13 times higher than Amazon currently charges in the US for the same size file delivered by Sprint-managed Whispernet through email.

Bird's Eye View: Camera-Laden Albatrosses Snap Spectacular Shots - An international team of scientists recently attached mini cameras to the backs of albatrosses. The unique pictures taken shed new light on the hunting habits of the birds, showing how they even hook up with killer whales to find food.

Will Tel Aviv Take the U.S. to War - Again? - By Jeff Gates - Tel Aviv long ago proved its mastery at waging war “by way of deception” – the operative credo of the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence and foreign operations directorate. Yet its latest operation reveals a need to freshen up its repertoire of dirty tricks. As Israel’s patron, those of us who live in the U.S. are painfully familiar with such duplicity. Yet the recent frequency of its frauds renders their latest treachery remarkably transparent.

Gaza Love Story: The Bride Who Crawled Through a Tunnel - He lived in the Gaza Strip, she in the West Bank. It seemed as though the Israeli blockade would prevent their marriage. Then May risked her life to crawl through a smugglers' tunnel into Gaza and join Mohammed. Now they face an uncertain future together.

Abbas's Loss is Palestinians' Gain - By Sherri Muzher There is a famous Arabic expression: 'he who doesn't respect himself shall not be respected.' Apparently, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas doesn't believe in this. At least, he didn't until now. The decision to defer the Goldstone Report, the UN report alleging that both Israel and Hamas had committed war crimes during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip last winter, was nothing short of betrayal. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Richard Falk even described the decision as "perverse."

World" href="" target=_blank>A Dogged Taliban Chief Rebounds, Vexing U.S. By SCOTT SHANE on Riedel, Bruce - Mullah Muhammad Omar’s prospects seemed bleak in 2001. Now, he leads an insurgency that has gained ground in much of Afghanistan against better equipped U.S. and NATO forces.


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