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Friday, September 18, 2009

chasing gods

salima hashmi - credit jazbah org

life is making choices
and decisions -
goldfish's in the bowl
whale's in the ocean
seal's on ice
not to forget the fishermen
ever lurking, ever luring

for the fish
the fisherman is god
[for the disenchanted
he merely plies a trade]

for some [of us]
the blank screen
is the vast unexplored ocean
with waves gentle or rollicking
as far as two eyes can see
- the third creates
hell or shangri-la
[narcissistic as we are, mostly]

disconcerted or discerning
we differentiate
the god of fish
a mere fisherman
low on the totem pole
as we walk
into the freezer section
of the mega stores
and with plastic buy
the catch of those gods

being god
is a role
assigned or assumed

some gods
can be butchers

some gods
remain uninvolved

i'd love to wake
the god in me
but s/he has
a do-not-disturb sign
on the door
and is playing golf
somewhere in the galaxy
and for fear of displeasing
i chase lesser gods
on blank monitors


Blogger Dhanaq said...

'i'd love to wake the god in me'
after a long time I came across a poem I enjoyed as much as this.


September 20, 2009 4:02 PM  

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