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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Boycott Israel, Robert Fisk: Democracy will not bring freedom,

It is clear to me that the only way to counter the apartheid trend in Israel is through massive international pressure. The words and condemnations from the Obama administration and the European Union have yielded no results, not even a settlement freeze, let alone a decision to withdraw from the occupied territories. I consequently have decided to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. Boycott Israel (Neve Gordon, The Los Angeles Times)

So they voted. But for what? Democracy? Certainly not "Jeffersonian" democracy, as President Obama reminded us. Yes, the Afghans wanted to vote. They showed great courage in the face of the Taliban's threats. But there's a problem. It's not just the stitched-up Karzai administration that will almost certainly return, nor the war criminals he employs (Abdul Rashid Dostum should be in the dock at The Hague for war crimes, not in Kabul), nor the corruption and the hideous human rights abuses, but the unassailable fact that ethnically-divided societies vote on ethnic lines. I doubt if anyone in Afghanistan voted yesterday because of the policies of their favourite candidate. They voted for whoever their ethnic leaders told them to vote for. Hence Karzai asked Dostum to deliver him the Uzbek vote. Abdullah Abdullah relies on the Tajik vote, Karzai on the Pashtuns. Robert Fisk: Democracy will not bring freedom

In many areas of Afghanistan, polling stations remained firmly closed because of insurgent intimidation and violence. Afghan Election: "In My Family of 45 People, I'm The Only One Who Voted"

The Daily Show describes the segment by saying, "Fox News turns into the liberal media by defending protesters, criticizing the president and shoving its values down America's throat." But you really need to see the video to get the full picture... including their skewering of Hannity on his "protesters undermine the troops and embolden our enemies" hypocrisy. Stewart at his best. Video after the jump. (H/T Aria)... Jon Stewart On Fox News Hypocrisy Over Town Hall Protesters

On Wednesday evening, August 19th, Jon Stewart provided a brilliant smack down on the hypocrisy and double standard of Fox News (something we frequently point out here on News Hounds). He satirized Fox News as being “liberal” because they seemed to have the characteristics that the talking potato heads on Fox accuse liberals of possessing. After playing Sean Hannity’s comment that “liberals do make themselves out to victims,” he then played good Christian Gretchen Carlson’s comment that “in this PC society, Christians are the easy target.” Last night, (August 20th) Bill O’Reilly attempted to rebut Stewart by providing “context” about... Bill O’Reilly Lies While Responding To Jon Stewart


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