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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Greg Mortenson's Jihad

Indeed, Mortenson’s [Greg Mortenson, the famed author of “Three Cups of Tea,”] efforts remind us what the essence of the “war on terrorism” is about. It’s about the war of ideas within Islam — a war between religious zealots who glorify martyrdom and want to keep Islam untouched by modernity and isolated from other faiths, with its women disempowered, and those who want to embrace modernity, open Islam to new ideas and empower Muslim women as much as men. America’s invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were, in part, an effort to create the space for the Muslim progressives to fight and win so that the real engine of change, something that takes nine months and 21 years to produce — a new generation — can be educated and raised differently.Teacher, Can We Leave Now? No. [ thanks NF]

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