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Monday, June 29, 2009

one eye on the road, one ear on the radio

photo courtesy spiegel online

the man who claimed
he lived on planet Michael
has moved there

one eye on the road, one ear on the radio
one eye on M and N, one ear on ms. G
do not ask me about the third eye!
cardiac arrest - rushed to hospital
and pronounced dead

somewhere between I-190 and QEW

between intermittent showers
and a thunderstorm
the visibility drops to ten feet
and at 70 MPH the faith is suddenly restored
as drivers slow down, pull over and hope
others on the crowded highway do the same

and i reminisce about the countless roads
and highways we traversed over past weeks
accompanied by ever helpful ms. Gerwin
Nawab and M

the road of life and the road to life
can be short or long

HuangPuTangJiaWan Lu
a small alley, not even a lane
down near the Lupu bridge
or long like the Yonge Street here
in Guinness at 1896 kms

fifty is neither young nor old
but just enough
to leave one's mark

the dead are free
living we assign regrets
- even to the dead

he lived and loved his way
disregarding norms
and left memories strewn
all over earth's moonscape


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