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Monday, December 31, 2007

Benazir’s Last Will Shows Her True Colors

In her death, she spoke like the feudal she was at heart, treating her party like her jaagir (personal fiefdom.) She wrote the leadership of PPP should remain within the Bhutto clan.

While there are more eligible candidates in the Bhutto clan, she did not mean them, but her own son Bilawal Zardari, 19 who promptly and publicly consented to change his name to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

Following the Nuadero meeting of the Central Executive Committee of the PPP, Asif Zardari spoke impromptu, mixing languages, stammering and was incoherent at times. Until he learns public speaking, perhaps he should stick to 'reading.' Bilawal a teenager spoke well - in English - he has just lost his mother and has been thrust in the limelight - perhaps unwittingly. So, I would be kind and refrain from any comments.

If we are to believe reporters, PPP is a nationwide party with supports from people in all provinces, and had a good chance to win votes in the coming elections, then I wonder - who are the leaders at the provincial and local levels? And do they have any conscience? Or is PPP full off chamchas (yes man) like all other parties?

How can any party fight for democracy, and free and fair alphabet-soup of demands and display not one iota of conscience at this blatant travesty of democratic norms?

And the second tier leadership of PPP lacks in honesty too. At least, if they were honest, they would acknowledge they accept all this because their greed and lust for power overwhelms their other senses.

Today, greed won - injustice won - nepotism won- once again - and you, me and Pakistan lost.


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