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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Islamic Enlightenment - ibn warraq

[Warning: this article is not for everyone. Ibn Warraq is a pseudonym for an ex-muslim from rajkot. he is the author of 'why i am not a muslim' and relentlessly writes against islam in the guise of need for islamic reformation/enlightenment - he is hired by some US think tank i think...just like other pseudo "reformists" ayaan hirsi ali, irshad manji, asra nomani and perhaps wafaa sultan too. read about the last three HERE .

also read Irshad Manji's Islam Needs an Age of Reason and to follow how these critics/refusniks are changing tracks also read fellow blogger Ali Etraz's Irshad Manji Shutting Down Refusenik Website - t

In Conclusion: First, we who live in the free West and enjoy freedom of expression and scientific inquiry should encourage a rational look at Islam, should encourage Koranic criticism. Only Koranic criticism can help Muslims to look at their Holy Scripture in a more rational and objective way, and prevent young Muslims from being fanaticized by the Koran’s less tolerant verses

Second, the only solution is to bring the questions of human rights out of the religious sphere and into the sphere of the civil state, in other words to separate religion from the state and promote a secular state where Islam is relegated to the personal. Here, Islam would continue to provide consolation, comfort, and meaning, as it has to millions of individuals for centuries, yet it would not decree the mundane affairs of state.

[For ibn warraq's full article click on the heading]


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