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Friday, August 31, 2007

Pakistan’s Musharraf – Bhutto Deal - Javed I. Chaudry

The only thing that America could be interested to achieve through Ms. Bhutto is to de-Nuke Pakistan of its nuclear bombs as well its nuclear technology. At this point this is just a speculation, but time will tell what Ms. Bhutto can or will deliver to the Lord of the globe. In case Gen. Musharraf will no longer be the army commander, then who will be replacing him. It goes without saying that his replacement will be some one whom the American administration approve and some one who will be loyal to Ms. Bhutto, in case she does get elected as the new Prime Minister. With a little help from CIA’s Mighty Wurlitzer, it should not be a difficult feat to accomplish.

One can see that many senior armed officers will soon be sent to the pasture to make room for the juniors, inexperienced and eager to please the new regime to be created on the Pakistani chessboard. This is exactly what Ms. Bhutto’s father Zulifqar Bhutto did. He superseded a junior General Zia over many senior Generals to ensure loyalty. Alas, it did not work for him.

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