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Monday, May 01, 2006

Developing The Sixth Sense

Started off writing a response to Living With The Sixth Sense and it took a life of its own

This ability to sense events could be a gift or a curse!

Personally I never go to psychic readings. And consider astrology, palmistry, face reading, and handwriting analysis with a dose of healthy skepticism.

Heck, even I can tell from my handwriting that the guy is forever in a hurry where his thoughts do not keep pace with words, has had perhaps uncaring teachers (illegible writing,) and has difficulty reading his own words – in other words thanks for the keyboard to enforce a semblance of sanity!

Our brains emit signals. (In another era my girl friends, almost without exception, had this uncanny ability to spot the bulge -- er -- I mean without seeing -- or feeling it.) It puzzled me then. How could they know? Was there a neon sign on my forehead? It was around then I gave up lying. I kid you not. I told myself there is no way a man can keep secrets from women. It has kept me in good stead. Not lying -- I mean. Plus, am blessed with a lousy memory. To be a good liar an excellent memory is a must. So, yeah I made my peace and compromised with the geo-political-physical realities. So back to this post...

Our brains emit signals. And some folks have developed this ability to read minds. They can receive those transmitted signals. Some of them could be gifted while others have trained themselves to develop this sixth sense.


Digression from a book i read years ago. Now this is a recollection: not plagiarism! Besides, no body gave me a six figure advance!

This book was written by a Royal Navy officer on board the Queen Mary. During WWII the luxury Cunard liner was converted to carry troops across the Atlantic. This officer was on bridge-duty during the night.

The Queen Mary had just sailed from South Hampton on its way to New York.

Into the second night of the voyage, he and a midshipman were the only two souls on the bridge. During the course of the night the midshipman paced the bridge and was discernibly in some sort of pain or agony. When the officer inquired, the midshipman did not mention any sickness.

On the third night the pair were together on the bridge again. This time the midshipman appeared to be in greater pain and was sweating profusely. The officer asked him if he wanted to be relieved but the midshipman declined the offer.

At close to 2.30 a.m. his breathing became heavy and he sweated more profusely and was visibly agitated. The officer made a note of the time and the ship's position in mid Atlantic in the Captain's logbook.

At around 3.30 the midshipman heaved a sigh of relief and became serene and peaceful. The officer asked him if he was okay. And the midshipman replied in the affirmative. And then casually confided in the officer that his wife (midshipman's) had given birth to a baby boy weighing 10 lbs. in a hospital in South Hampton. The officer also recorded this in the captain's log book.

The ship berthed in New York Port, discharged the returning and wounded troops, put on fresh supplies and fresh troops for the European front. When the ship berthed back in South Hampton this officer went ashore to the hospital and was amazed to learn that the midshipman's wife had given berth to a baby boy at the exact time the midshipman had mentioned to him in mid Atlantic


The explanation proffered was that the mind acts as a radio transmitter and gives off signals. The recipient has to tune in to be able to receivethose signals.

Think of it as a walkman or short-wave radio, miles removed the original transmitter. Only if you can tune in will you be able to hear the transmission.

As an infant we all learn to crawl, stand up, walk. And run. And only with dedicated perseverance can some of us run a 100 meters in under ten seconds or do a mile in under four minutes.

By conjecture, if one were to focus on enriching themselves of this sixth sense, they can develop it to a degree where they can read or see things.

In small measure all of us do this all the time. How often can you tell when the phone rings who will be at the other end?

Excuse me, got to go. Have a feeling am in trouble. No, I cannot read M's mind. Call it a hunch


Blogger Samar Owais said...

Interesting read!

Never been a believer in Psychics...but a woman's intuition I survive on =)

May 05, 2006 10:01 AM  
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