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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

sweep or drag

ahmed bilal
i know you not
but you suffered a recent loss
please forgive me this digression


sweep or drag

a loss is a punctuation mark on life
a milepost on reality highway
a catalyst for course correction
a throbbing pain for pensive moments

jelly fish gulped
swooping eagle picking off prey
insects crushed under passing feet
babies killed before they reach womb’s safety
impetuous, piquant, capricious actions
killing off cosmic ordained relationships

mind goes in a dizzy spiral

responsibility, ownership
are we responsible for all losses?
what of those caused
without comprehension or motivation?

what of shared responsibility
of a cosmic accident
a passerby witness, participant?

losses are cruel, life more...
living even...

life is a force
that propels and drags
shave the protrusion
or carve it
or being dragged
it is easy
to become a drag


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