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Thursday, September 15, 2005

on zardari`s first exclusive interview after release

Last night on Ary saw Zardari act incumbent
Earnest, passionate and waxing eloquent

He talked of eight years of incarceration
And how it contributed to his maturation

Missing his children's growth due to separation
And denied universal charges of corruption

Alternately he beamed reason and compassion
And spoke of no need for street demonstration

Alternatively he invoked the ghost of Zulfi
And praised his wife and erstwhile leader Pinky

Said unconvincingly about his mortality
A dead Asif would mean party vitality

Spoke of dialogue and reconciliation
And denied with Murteza any altercation

Glossing over differences with Pinky
He drew bedroom and boardroom for a not-twinkie

My take is despite repeated references
And for Zulfi and Pinky show of deference

His ego is as bloated as Mohterma's
And his respect for her and dad is pro-forma

And since we all live in men's unforgiving world
Out of Party one of them will be swirled and hurled

The popular party with the people's mandate
Is not big enough for two egoistic mates


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