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Thursday, September 08, 2005


Jawahara the dilemma i face with fives is who do i tag in the end...honest...can think of bina and jonathan...she tagged bina...and lo!...beenoo tagged jonty...and am so preoccupied with the or this in a poem...

the would leave the vagueness in and this would introduce a personal angle that i want to step away from...yet the references and build up relate with the individual...nightfly (no she does not blog) suggested the so will go with it...

sorry is a high five tho':)

fragrance of
freshly scrubbed bodies
folded in vaults
of memory's cobwebs
taken out to breathe in
triggered by other memories
saved in reseal-able plastic

cuffed fragrance floating
a flotilla of redeemed memories
navigating an ocean of cobwebs
a faint breeze of a ghost's wake
rhythmically moving
the curtains of cognition
one moment, one day year, one span fragrance

the fragrance of life-
sustaining umbilical cord
placed in jars, destroyed
untiring strive beginning
of a lifetime search
recreating that lifeline
cosmic, invisible
tenuous, tentative, throbbing
a cord that transmits
joy and sadness
and emotions folded in plastic --
shattered laughter shards
suppressed sighs, withheld sobs
that can travel the cobwebs
of this cosmic cord
by rains, clouds, discords

losing way, dazed
but indomitable spiders
re create that cord

only to fold the memories
at the end of the sojourn


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