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Thursday, August 25, 2005

a simple poem about september 16

got up
shaved, bathed, dressed
ate some
drove to work
drove home
changed, ate
and am writing this
a simple poem about September 16

but you know
am not totally honest
cannot be honest
fear this honesty

would love to share this day
but something holds me back
(told you cannot be honest)

do you get a feeling
this day means something
rather special
youíre probably right

it takes a special event
or a special person
or a special happening
to transform the ordinary
into rare

checked the mail first thing
this morning
and countless times since
unblinkingly gazed at the screen
almost willing that mail
in vain
listened for a particular ring
that never rang
looked at the door all day
for a knock that never came

this day is about to fade
into another
and i must get to bed
with clear eyes
for am a man
an empty man, but still a man
and weíre not to be caught
misty eyed


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