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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mr. ABC's Feast

Had breakfast with Ms. Love
she a rare beauty
I know, I know
rarely do we love ugliness
so much love oozing
out of everywhere
drowned and suffocated
--before the eggs were scrambled.

Had brunch with Ms. Life
she of fervent fervour
full of height and long tresses
had an easy smile and quotable bites
on all subjects
--barely survived the entrements.

Had lunch with Ms. Perfect
she brimming with vitality
of the non-medicinal kind
a well shaken
partially pierced can of cola
--fizzled before the fries arrived.

Had tea with Ms. Philosophy
oh the thoughts we thought
we'd examine
probe all the answers
to the ultimate query
she of full lips, bright eyes
curtained by layered lead
--fizzled before the pot was stirred.

Had snacks with Ms. Democracy
she of fair disposition
brave, adventurous, finicky
not easily digestible
nor transplantable
--lasted not beyond the hors d'ouevre.

Had dinner with Ms. Idealism
almost, once
brimming with justice and morality
laced with righteous indignation
tall, well endowed, popular
stood me up, she did
--did not even scan the menu.

Had a rendezvous with a damsel
at Shezan, atop a hill
over in that dysfunctional city
she of reserved dignity
and infectious wit
and knew what she knew not.
Two scores and five years
have elapsed
oh how Mother Time flies
this bard/scribe knows not
and Ikbal's feast

post script: aitraaf

Nairangi-e-khayal ki jastt
lay ga'iee janay kitnay shabistanouN maiN
shab ki dhanak, hangham-e-bay-khudi
aur subh-e-nau takalluf-e-widaa
kooch pur-tashakkur, kooch pur-nadaamat
jazbouN kay bojh talay
zindagi ki rahaouN pur
guzartay raahay, chaltay rahay.

Gar naa miljatay Aap
tou maan lijee-aye
shabistanouN kay bhaNwar maiN
mauj-e-jazbaat say takratay takratay
janay kab kay paarah paarah hojatay hum.


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