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Sunday, August 28, 2005

jay parables

(for jay thackery the unmitigated bigot on chowk)

Since you so love parables:

Let me share with you the story of this Keralite Brahmin.

One day when KB was three or four and playing in the courtyard a provoked rooster fought back and attacked him. KB was frightened of roosters ever since. He genuinely believed that roosters are out to swallow him.

KB comes to States, graduates, returns to marry a beautiful Keralite girl KG. She soon discovers his phobia of roosters. Reasons with him. Rationality in this respect takes her nowhere. Eventually she nudges him to seek psychiatric help. Thus enters KP in the parable.

KB has scores of sessions with KP. KP tries hard to overcome KB's resistance. One day he tried to use simple reasoning. He brings in a rooster in a cage, points at the rooster's mouth and asks KB, "Look at yourself and look at this mouth, how can this rooster swallow you?"

An unconvinced and adamant KB replied, "Dr. you know it, I know it, but the rooster does not know it. Given the chance he will swallow me."

Good luck with your foibles and phobias re Tri Nitro Whatever and obsessive fault findings and knee jerk reactions.


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