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Saturday, August 27, 2005

inward journey to pakistan

#3537 An Inward Journey to Pakistan - Part 2 on August 28, 1999
Navy Circuit House Lahore April 14, 1999

Mr. Kamran Akhtar Esqr.,
c/o Chowk House

Sir Ji:

Toosi apnay mohabbat namay ithay bhool gai'e ho ji. Fazlu Choora brought down seventeen postcards, a small packet, one book and a chinese painting.

It has been my honour and pleaurre to mail the postcard sir ji to Shandana ji and Bina ji
in Karachi. I am honouring to include the other fifteen postacard to you with this letter for your kind perusal ji.

Sir ji, toosi understand karo gay if I read your postacards ji. Aftur all if they were meant for private purposes, then sir ji you would have put them in a lafafa ji.

Ba'uji tusi Minar-e-Pakistan ka zikr kaisay karte hou. Kahan Minar-e-Pakistan kahan
Shiv lingham? Minar ka zikr tou khatam ho gaya Mukhtar Masud par. I have heard there is a lot of culture vulture in Umrika. If you can find Mukhtar Masud's Awaaz---e-Dost read the essay Minar-e-Pakistan. Those 37 pages will give you an inside, sorry, I mean insight into our khaab aur our haqeeqat. And then if you like, you can read the longer essay Kehat-tur-rejaal (absence or lack of talent).

You saw Lahore. You visited Abdul Rehman Chughtai's house, the Shahi Musjid, the Qilaa. You should have visited Hira Mandi that throbs in their shadows. This is where, sir ji, zinda d'lan-e-lahore apna ghum ghalat karnay aatay hain. You did not see Hira Mandi, you did not see nothing yet ji.

If you had irshad me, I would have lay jata aapko. Also to an'daroun-e-lahore, the narrow streets, old buildings, those doors. Away from them marbul farsh, I would have taken you to my ghareeb khana. My almost blind Ammi would have honourably made lassi for you. Khair phir aao toosi tay....

Sir Ji, tell me what to do with Charles Annesley's The Standard Operaglass. The thelay wala painting I throw in grabage. The small package of strawberry, blueberry, and organge flavoured condominiums don't know what to do. Yeh idhar fail hay sir ji, nahin chalta hay. If you want it, I can send it back ji.

This is my fust khat in inglish, sir ji, kooi ghalti hou to pardon me sir.

Your most obedient servant,

Ghulam Hussain Tarrrrrarrrr
Chief night Clerk.


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