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Monday, August 30, 2010

who's on top?

who's on top:

on seeing a smiling man,

riding a tractor in his farm,

talking on his cell phone

who discovered
the joys of love-makingfirst?
is this a moot point
or is this speculative? and
who was on top first?
but wait, read on
for am not going there
(can poems be adorned with smiley icons?)

witness, the river of times
and machinations of machines
on men and women
is it wistfulness
or nostalgia, as i wonder
about plows?

plows, wells, oil lamps
clear days and bright stars
neolithic revolutionaries
tax-free life
no scanning for fat content
or mono sodium this or that
watching over the shoulder
worrying over an abandoned bag
avoiding interminable queues
horoscopes, forecasts, bulls and bears
polls, ratings, analysis

why this plowing
er...longing for plows
for this temporal nomad?


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